2013 Regional Finals – Laurel, MT


NPIRA 2013 Regional Finals Format
September 21-22,2013
Millers Horse Palace, Laurel, MT

Submitted to INFR March 14, 2013—
The NPIRA Region Finals will be formatted as follows:

  • Open to any cardholder of any region regardless if they have points;
  • The 50% Rule applies for qualification to INFR in all events (Tour events and Jr./Sr. Events).  Cardholders with less than 50% of the rodeos may compete at NPIRA Regional Finals for prize money only and not INFR qualification.
  • Contestants will compete in two full rounds and an average with payout and points (10-1) for each round and the average.
  • The Regional Finals Champions will be determined by the AVERAGE champion.
  • The Year-end Champions be determined after the Region Finals based on total points.

SR/JR Events
The two (2) qualifiers to the INFR will be

  • the Year-end Champion after Regional Finals AND the Regional Finals Average Champion;

Regional Finals Draw Position:  Saturday’s draw order will be by year-end standings coming into the Regional Finals.  Sunday’s order will be according to Saturday’s results to determine Sudden Death winners. Contestants may trade in Saturday’s draw.

Entry Number 406-639-2438
Entries open/close September 9th.  Call Backs September 11th,  5:30 pm – 8 pm,

Must have INFR Tour or Jr./Sr. Card for call-in entries.


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